Program Direct Donation

Give the gift of cycling! 


So far in 2014, the Bike Depot has provided over 4000 open shop hours, and distributed more than 600 bicycles to individuals throughout Denver.  If you have benefited from our programming, or want to directly support putting more people on bikes, consider donating to one of our signature programs:


Fix-your-Bike - Our flagship program, during open shop hours anyone can come to the shop and use our space, tools and collective bike knowledge as they work on their own bike.  The music is always bumping and the coffee is always hot (generously donated by Sprouts...thanks Sprouts)!  We welcome everyone, regardless of bike clout, cool factor, gender, race, income etc


Bike Rodeos - The Bike Depot is committed to creating life-long bicyclists through our Bike Rodeo program. Each month the Bike Depot provides more than 30 bikes to young people from across Denver, along with a lock and bike helmet.


Earn-a-Bike - The Bike Depot offers programs for adults and youth to earn donated bicycles through service work with the Bike Depot, or any other non-profit or community organization in Denver!  Once the volunteer requirement is met, our EAB participants receive 3 hours of bike safety and maintenance education, along with a lock, light and helmet.