Wheel Building, Sundays 4-7pm @ Park Hill

Wheel Building, Sundays 4-7pm @ Park Hill

Wheel Building is one of the highest arts in the world of bike mechanics.  In this class you will learn the theory and practice of lacing, tensioning and truing a bicycle wheel in a completely hands on workshop.  Our Sunday wheel building class is broken down into two, 3-hour long sessions.

Session 1:

  • Anatomy of the Wheel
  • Introduction to Wheel Dynamics & Basic Theory
  • Spoke Calculations & Wheel Lacing

Session 2:

  • Tensioning
  • Truing

*The Bike Depot will provide all of the components and tools necessary to learn to build a wheel.  

*The Bike Depot can also provide support in component selection as well as a 15% discount on purchasing parts and tools to build your own wheel.  We recommend learning on our demonstration components and then graduating to building your own wheelset.  However, if you are interested in using the class time to build your own wheel please email morgan@bikestogether.org before class starts to coordinate.    

*Get 10% off of Wheel Building when you also take a 6-week Master Mechanics series. Email morgan@bikestogether.org for details.

*Cancellation Policy: With one week's advance notice you can transfer to another series or get your money back (minus a 10% processing fee).

*If you have questions please email morgan@bikestogether.org

*This series is held at Bikes Together's Park Hill location, 2825 Fairfax


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